Corporate Social Responsibility To Environment

As part of Company’s commitment in the CSR program, the Company encourages the operational areas to form a team in charge of the protection of biodiversity, particularly to implement resource conservation, energy efficiency, water conservation, emission reduction, reduction and utilization of waste and garbage, protection of biodiversity, and loss prevention. The policy to implement continuous improvements for a better quality of life is fully supported by PT Pertamina (Persero), covering the mitigation of climate change impacts, clean air management, energy management, waste managament, garbages wastes from dangerous and poisonuous substances (B3), water management, as well as biodiversity protection. To support such policy, the Company created an environment management system team that covers functions such as K3LL functions, public relation, production operations, and engineering functions. This team is tasked to create the plan and strategy for long term biodiversity and natural environment protection program, which is then expressed in the annual programs, cooperating with the stakeholders in the surrounding operational areas.