Vision, Mision and Corporate Values

2021 : Leading Geothermal Company in Asia
2025 : World Class Geothermal Energy Enterprise

“To Professionally Manage Environmentally Sound Geothermal operations and Business Portfolio and Provides Added Values to the Stakeholders.”


The corporate values of the Company that we apply in all lines of activities and in each individual of the Company when running the business were formulated as part PT Pertamina (Persero), namely the Six-C (6C) of order of values:

Clean. Professionally managed, avoiding conflict of interests, non-tolerance to bribes, respecting belief and integrity. Oriented on the principles of Good Corporate Governance.

Competitive. Able to compete in national and international scale, encourage growth through investment, to build cost- conscious culture and appreciative to performance.

Confident. Take part in national economy building, pioneering geothermal mining business, and build upon the pride of the nation.

Customer Focused. Oriented on the customers’ interest and committed to provide only the best service to the customers.

Commercial. Create added values with commercial orientation; make decision based on healthy business principles.

Capable. Managed by professional leader and employees and have the required competency and high technical mastery, committed to build research and development capabilities.